Saturday, 20 April 2013

New Online portfolios

After creating two CV's i looked for websites to make an online portfolio to present my work as i needed to make two for this project, one aimed towards an AAA company, so it should mainly contain work that you specialised in, then another portfolio aimed towards at indie companies where you can show of more work instead of just the specialised.

There are two free website builders that i found the most useful,

In the end i decided to go with weebly as it has some nice features and fairly cheap to upgrade the site to a pro account which is what i want to eventually do to make it look more professional.

I started off adding lots of stuff to the websites but then i cut lots out as i decided it started to look messy, so i took it back to the basics and made it much simpler but i think it looks more professional.

Here is how the two portfolios turned out, i hopefully will add, and improve some of the work on there shortly....

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