Wednesday, 10 April 2013

CV research

In today lecture we looked at creating a CV and the do's and donts. Here i have made a template to what is needed in a cover letter and CV. For each job application there should be a separate CV tailored to suit that jobs specific needs so each CV may differ slightly.

Cover Letter
  • Less one page
  • quick intro about yourself
  • any relevant work experience or personal projects
  • eager to learn and develop skills
  • career goals
  • sell yourself to to the role
  • show interests in the job
  • purpose of cover letter is to compliment to the CV
  • in 1st person

some personal details such as name of document, name, contact info, mobile number, email, link to portfolio
Short Paragraph
Tag line, something short a brief version of the cover letter in 3rd person.
Any qualifications and main subjects that are relevant to job application
Work experience
any previous work experience from the past 5 years, paid or unpaid ( doesn't need to be stated)
explain what role you had and the skills you learnt.
Relevant practical experience
any projects that have helped in learning new software or gaining practical experience, list what you did and the skills and knowledge learnt such as improved workflow.
any software you are proficient with and what you've used it for
Personal details
Name, DOB, Address, nationality, full driving licence.
Available on request.

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