Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Game idea 3

Here's is my 3rd game concept i developed, a RTS with action and adventure elements. I had a real struggle with trying to get it fit on 2 pages, i couldn't cut anymore down so i had to add a small bit of information onto a 3rd page, hopefully it will be ok as the game would miss some vital information without it.


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Game idea 2

Here is the second game idea that i have developed into a short concept document. A near future FPS action game.


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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Game idea 1

My first game idea is a fairly simple game about Witches and Witch hunters, a fun straight forward online multiplayer game involving detective work and find and seek gameplay.
Are limits with creating a basic concept document was to keep each idea to a maximum of 2 pages... which is really difficult to try and get a game idea across clearly.


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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Research and looking for gaps in the market

I will look into the current market to find trends and gaps in genres and the market as a whole, this way I can identify what games are doing well but also find genres that there is possibly room for that have a large potential audience.

Here are the top 20 selling games on steam at this moment in time. I will now list the genres that are in the top sellers. 

-Action, RPG =6

-Action, Adventure=3
-FPS, Action =3

-Strategy =2

-Action, Strategy, simulation =4

From looking at the top 20 its clear to see that Action,RPG’s or RPG games are in their numbers, although this shows that this genre sells well, again this shows that there is a lot of well selling competition. Action,strategy or Action,strategy and simulation games are also doing well in the market having 4 games in the top 20. FPS genre is a very competitive genre with call of duty franchise so this would not be a good genre to go for as there is a large audience that would prefer to buy the new call of duty to most other games. One gap I can see in the market here is the lack of RTS games, there are a few Strategy and Action, Strategy games but not many of the RTS genre that are up in the top 20, even though games in the past such as Command and Conquer and Halo wars did really well, so there is a possible window to bring a new RTS game to the market. There is also Action, Adventure games which generally do quite well, although there is usually always competition as new company's bring out new games with gripping story lines and interesting characters so its good to change the genre up by adding in new elements such as puzzles or even new mechanics such as stealth, it could also be a good move to look at genres that even in the top 20, and completely redo a genre to make it interesting and unique combining elements that do well such as action or adventure.

Game Concepts

Here are some of my notes from what i jotted down on paper and put together into a small mind map. Hopefully i can get a better understanding of what needs to be achieved next in lesson and get some valuable feedback to move forward.