Tuesday, 19 February 2013

GDD update

Recently I've been working on fleshing out the sections for the GDD and solidifying the game idea even more and expanding on other areas such as game modes and sounds for the game concept. Now i have a strong idea of how i want the game to be and look i began modelling some characters to set the visual style for the rest of the concepts.

Here is an example of the Witch and Hunter.
Now i will began fleshing out the visuals for other sections of the GDD such as environments then i can play out a level design and show how the game will play.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Presentation Skills

In today lecture we looked at presentation skills and what makes a good professional looking presentation. Professional is the key word here, presentations are usually when an idea is being pitched for some kind of help weather that's financial help or something else it needs to be professional so anyone viewing your pitch will know your serious about what your pitching and you know what your talking about.  If your not serious about your pitch or even know what your talking about then why would anyone else be interested in what you have to say.

Here are a few important points for a Proffesional presentation:
  • Dress smart, look presentable not scruffy, makes you look like you make an effort instead of being lazy.
  • Body language, be engaging and interested in what you do and what your talking about! again if you don't seem interested and have you hands in your pocket all the way throught then why will anyone else be interested.
  • Be realistic, do your research. Make sure your product or idea is realistic, if its new and groundbreaking then do your research and show how its realistic. If you don't do your research people will pick your idea apart.
  • Be concise, dont overcomplicate things or dont fill the viewer with too much information at once. Break up the presentation into more slides and less information and have that information stored in your head so you can verbally explain your idea. You may only have 5 minuets to pitch an idea so make sure everything your saying is relevant and will help get your ideas across.
  • Less is more, use bullet points if neccasary to jog your memory on points then expand on these points and explain why the viewer needs to know this information.
  • An image paints a thousand words, use image for every point you talk about to back up what your saying, this way it makes people understand more what your talking about and helps visualise any ideas and what your wanting to do.
  • Prototype your ideas, if your pitching an idea its best to show prototypes of your product or idea, this helps the viewer to understand what exactly your wanting to acomplish, even if its just images to show the visual style or mocks ups to show how things will look.
  • Be consistant, make sure your text and layout is consistant and tidy, this puts an idea in the viewers mind about the presenter and the person if they them selveves will be consistant and has a high level of presentation in the work they do.
  • Know your audience, make sure you know who your pitching two or what your aiming your idea for. This way you know what they want, what theyve done and why your idea will interest them.