Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Market research and analysis

Looking at the market and recent trends there seems to be a rise of Free to play games, that offer in game purchases.. upgrades that the player can get playing the game, but is quicker and takes less time to purchase. Because Witch Hunt is an online multiplayer game this option would be a great opportunity.
Here is some research i came across while looking on Steam which is one of the biggest online game distribution sites.

These are just some of the most popular free to play game, what I've found is that these game have a lot of replay value and don't exactly have and end game state, Witch Hunt fits nicely in with this as its all about online gameplay and rounds instead of a storyline. In this list of games there are some old and some new that are still the most popular, for example Team fortress 2 the most popular free to play game on steam was released in 2007! so a good think with free to play game is that they keep there value for a long time especially if there is new content, maps, equipment etc updating.

Witch Hunt would be a great free to play casual game because players can experience short bursts of gameplay with friends but also get immersed in the game and play games back to back.

How would the game make money?
Because Witch Hunt has customisable characters, upgrades, pick ups and different maps all of these things could come in DLC packs or in game content that can be bought, nothing that would hinder gameplay but purely to make a players character more unique for example. Theres a lot that could be done with this method, even something simple like the player has 5 slots in witch they can customise characters, if they want to create more characters then they would have to purchase 5 more slots for example. 

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